What graduate teachers from the Awake Teacher Training programme are saying:

VIDEO (3 mins): A graduate of Awake Yoga Teacher Training (Mariangel M.) shares what it brought her.

‘This training, was mind-blowing for me on so many aspects. I am not exaggerating when I say it really changed my life, my vision of life, my way of practicing my yoga. I met amazing people… I learned so much from them, from me. This training opened a door on another aspect of the life I want to have. I will remember it!’
~Aline B.

‘’I learned the value of developing and continuing my own yoga practice, this is where our own understanding of yoga is developed. Of the 8 limbs of yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas and how to incorporate these into our daily lives stood out for me. I find myself coming back to these again and again as guidelines to live by.’
~Tahreem R.

‘The teachers of this training were extremely knowledgeable in all areas (philosophy, anatomy, teaching methods). Overall, the training was very well designed and balanced in terms of practice and theory.
~Tahreem R.

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